Electric usage

Electric usage

2023 sees the introduction of electric meters on our pitches

Electric on pitches...

For the 2023 season, due to the continued energy price increases we have had to make the difficult decision to charge for your personal electric usage. Electric will be charged separately via an electric meter on your pitch.

Although we are reluctant to have to introduce this, we have reduced our pitch prices to ensure we are still offering good value. This gives those who may not use much electric, have their own solar system or gas supply to save money and be more economical with electric use.

We have worked out an average use for the summer months for tents/caravans/motorhomes is 8 units, which in 2023 equates to £4 per day. Each unit costs 50p (which is less than what the park is charged by EDF Energy)

Most of our pitches have pre-paid card meters where you pay upfront on arrival and you can top up as and when needed. You can receive a refund for any unused electric when you return your card at reception.

Some of our other pitches have manual style meters, where you’ll pay for your electric usage at the end of your stay. A pre-authorisation for this payment will be needed upon check-in.

If you have any queries, please give us a call on 01271 813837 or drop us an email!

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