Big Sunday Returns!

BIG SUNDAY is coming back, I decided to hold it over the August Bank Holiday weekend this year , so those who took part in Buzz's cool OCD event could come back & enjoy the North Devon area for a second time this summer. As many of you know BIG SUNDAY came about , through my dream of having a cool VW gathering over looking one of the UK's most beautiful beaches, a chilled out day with the family, surrounded by like minded friends, enjoying our hobby. Whilst doing this, the idea was to raise some money for worth while causes & non more so than our first recipient.
The first BIG SUNDAY raised £1000 for a Cancer Charity that helped one of my best mates wives, through her illness.

Our second year was equally deserving, little George Palmer, who we helped raise money for a life changing operation, in the States, George has progressed brilliantly & now goes to main stream school & can now walk with the aid of a frame. When George was born the doctors said he will never walk, so thank you to everyone who came last year & helped us.


It's through my passion for Volkswagens that I've met many really good friends, almost like an extended family, my girls will often talk about "That man with the cool dreadlocks" or "That really nice man with fingers like sausages", though we only see lots of friends at shows, we just pick up where we left off.
It was whilst, my girl Charlie & I were sitting having breakfast at Vicky Farm this year attending The Split Screen Van Clubs AGM ,that Lynn Poyser came over & said hello, I met Lynn & her husband Laurie, when I bought my Karmann Ghia Vert from them a few years ago . After exchanging pleasantries then Lynn hit me with there awful news, just a week earlier Laurie had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive strain of Cancer (Lymphoma), without treatment Laurie would have a year, or if he puts up a fight , he'll hopefully have 5 or 6 years. To say I was knocked for six would be an understatement , but a short while later when speaking to Laurie himself, I was amazed at his philosophy, he said "I have 5 or 6 years to share with Lynn, my family & my friends, I'll retire & do the things , we've always planned on doing, as soon as I feel fit enough". What a very brave gent !

I then asked Laurie if I could raise money at this years BIG SUNDAY, for a charity that would help him throughout his treatment, he chose The Lymphoma Research charity. We would really like to break our previous records as to the money we raise this year, so please come along & join in this great event. However if you can't make it but would collectively like to help we have set up a "Just Giving " page where you can make a donation to this very worthwhile cause at .

See you there!